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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Once a stalwart enemy and later, a reluctant ally, the Romulan Star Empire contained a vast expanse of hidden wonders. Across the dark frontiers of their space, races as old and proud as any in the Federation banded together to form an Empire that could withstand anything. And it did for hundreds of years until the Hobus star went supernova, its shockwave obliterating the twin talon worlds of Romulus and Remus. In the vacuum left behind, allied powers divided – following their own selfish agendas - and remnants of an almost extinct people now claw and scratch for mere scraps as the Klingons move in to reclaim lost lands and conquer anew.

As the Klingons drive the Romulans even further into extinction, the Federation decides it can no longer stand by and watch the slaughter. As a result, Starfleet forces along the former Neutral Zone find themselves pressed into the most chaotic of services. Starbase Sierra 6 – once a relatively unheard of outpost on the edge of nowhere – now serves as a vital hub for Federation activity along the border, crewing and dispatching ships to defend Romulan refugee colonies from the Klingons. With each of these engagements, war with the Klingons looms ever closer and though the Federation vows to protect what's left of the Romulans, they cannot do it alone.

Thus the crew of Sierra 6 has been tasked with a new mission: utilizing various support ships, they will travel deep into the former Romulan Star Empire in search of new allies. With the help of Federation negotiators back on the station, it is hoped that a new coalition of forces - those once subjugated under Romulan thumbs - will set aside their differences in order to beat back the Klingons and stabilize the region. But as these proud nations celebrate their newly acquired freedom from Romulan oppression, calls to aid their former subjugators fall on deaf ears and it is up to the crew of SS6 to turn their hearts and minds towards decisive action.

In a political landscape forever changed, Sierra 6 needs YOU! Whether you’re a veteran simmer or an enthusiastic first-timer, our Play-By-Nova game welcomes your enlistment! Because we're a starbase simulation, we have a large number of meaty roles available to play. To get started, simply head over to and click "Open Positions." When you find the position you want, click on the "Apply" link, fill out the form, and submit a short sample post. We'll get back to you quickly to welcome you into the game. We look forward to working with you and know you’ll find much enjoyment on SS6! See you in game soon!
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