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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I just switched my Romulan engineer out of the Haakona into the D'deridex refit, and it is so much more fun. She seems to be doing decent damage, and throwing out grav wells and the projected singularity left and right. Very tanky, and a beautiful ship design to boot.

I had purchased nanite disruptors from the exchange to kit out the Haakona, because I had been getting good disruptor tac consoles as loot drops, and those weapons were pretty cheap. But she's been regularly getting 1st place in Crystalline Cataclysm, and good plasma consoles, so I want to switch her to Romulan plasma.

I'm starting to realize that I enjoy the engineering profession more than the others, though I have admittedly only played my Sci character only to the point of getting him to Vice Admiral.
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