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Re: Favorite Incarnation Of The Doctor

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Yeah, and the Doctor was clearly trying to give her the brush off before Tegan and Nyssa pretty much made the decision for him.
After the events of Arc Of Infinity, Tegan travlled with the Doctor because he wanted her.
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No way. The Doctor was barely containing his disdain. Watch the end of the episode again. (Although, he did seem to be used to her by the end of "Resurrection of the Daleks.")
That "disdain" was a bit of the First Doctor that Davison wanted to instill. It really wasn't uncommon for the Fifth Doctor get cross with his companions--he even once called Adric a "young idiot" to his face.

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Peter Davison said flat-out that his favorite Companion was Nyssa, so it's not a shock that he liked Tegan less.
I don't think it was so much that as Davison thought Nyssa was more of a "traditional" companion (at the time). Pretty much there to be deferential to the Doctor and not challenge & question him like Tegan often did.
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