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Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

DosBox does Windows 3.1 now, just so folks here know.....

Of course you must have the original Win 3.1 disks in order to install Win 3.1 under DosBox, if you don't have your 3.1 disks, well, why did you toss them away ?

I still have mine after all.

Having Win 3.1 under DosBox will make it easier to run things like Star Trek Klingon and other old Windows games that tend to not like XP and refuse to run under compatibility mode no matter what you do.

If you have any questions about certain games and if they'll run under Win 3.1 under DosBox ask me, if I have the game I'll install it myself and see if said game runs at all.

I can also give folks a step by step guide for installing Win 3.1 under DosBox without screwing up your current Windows settings and stuff like that there.

One can also just go to the DosBox forums for this info as well if they don't feel like waiting for me to post the steps here

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