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Re: Tabulated review threads sorted by average score

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The first "rotation" of the Classic Review threads is nearing its end, so I wanted to ask the group mind if I should continue with it or not, and if so if any changes are necessary (choice of books etc.). I'm totally willing to continue, but don't want to impose those review threads on the forum.
I think it's great as-is, no need for any changes whatsoever. The threads are a fun way to reminisce on old books, so don't think you're "imposing" in any way. People are free to ignore them if they want(as I will any enterprise & voyager ones ;P ), and it's not as if you're spamming the board with them.

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So the number of voters has declined over the course of the rotation and seems to have stabilized around a dozen voters. I guess when the "big series" (TOS/TNG) come around again the numbers might rise somewhat , but the 10-15 range seems to be what you can call the regular voter base.
I guess when it's not new books you're dealing with a far smaller pool - people who have both read the book, but also remember enough to be able to give a review score. I had to reread "A Good Day to Die" the other week to be able to give a score, since all I remembered was that there were challenges and that I enjoyed it. Not much that can be done about this.
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