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Re: Favorite or Interesting Short Lived Scifi Series

Oh, VR.5 was excellent. Well, imperfect, but intriguing. The Flash was cool too, though it had trouble settling on a tone. I'm a huge fan of RoboCop: The Series too.

Century City was promising, but barely got a chance. It was on Hulu for a while, and I kept meaning to watch the whole series at last, but I never got around to it and now it's gone.

I like the Roddenberry pilots -- I have Genesis II, Planet Earth, and The Questor Tapes on DVD. TQT is my favorite of the three (here's my recent blog review). Never seen Roddenberry's supernatural pilot Spectre, though.

Island City was kind of interesting -- mediocre story, but it starred Kevin Conroy, so it was cool to see Batman in live action. I rather liked Knight Rider 2010, although the title was misleading, since it had virtually nothing to do with Knight Rider; it was more of a Mad Max dystopian future in which the protagonist's homemade armored car had the digitally preserved consciousness of his murdered girlfriend installed in its computer. (The girlfriend was played by "Heidi Leick," who would be later and better known as Hudson Leick, Callisto from Xena.)

The Time Tunnel remake pilot was quite good, and I'm disappointed it didn't go to series.

Some failed pilots deserve to fail, though. Here's one I just reviewed on my blog.
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