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Favorite or Interesting Short Lived Scifi Series

I've been watching a number of short lived scifi series lately. Most of them date back to the scifi "gold rush" of the 1990s. There are a lot of interesting ideas out there and I wonder which were your favorites.

Lets be clear, by short lived I mean lasting a season or less. Some of them were so short lived that many folks think that they imagined them or that no one else remembers them.

These types of shows fall into 3 categories:

1) Cancelled after one complete season (Ex: The Lone Gunmen, Total Recall 2070, VR5, The Flash, Terra Nova, The Chronicle, Special Unit 2, Nowhere Man, Strange Luck, Journeyman, Charlie Jade, Crusade)

2) Cancelled midseason or after only a few episodes (Ex: Space Rangers, Mercy Point, Veritas, Zero Hour, Century City, Jack & Bobby, Defying Gravity)

3) Never got beyond the pilot or converted into a TV movie (The Osiris Chronicles (Warlord), Island City, River World, Knight Rider 2000/2010, Virtuality, Time Tunnel (2002), Genesis II/Planet Earth)

What were your favorites or which do you remember?
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