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Re: Voyager Caption Contest 119: Had a Bad Day

Thanks for the Say What? Here's another...

Paris: "Not... the blow job I was hoping for."

EMH: "I diagnose a bad hair day. I'd lend you my preventative subroutine, if you were a hologram."

EMH: "I'm sorry Captain, the bit that you were hoping for still hasn't been restored to normal size since last week's Caption competition."
Janeway: "Well that was a waste."

Paris: "A little help here. Face-sucking alien. Call security!"
Torres: "In a minute, Tom. That face-sucking thing is hilarious. Do it again."

The Maquis infiltration of the Voyager crew was finally complete. Chakotay had hypnotised Janeway into thinking she was a maid, everytime he said Akoochimoya.
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