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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 88: Regrets, I've Had a Few

Thanks for the win!

Sisko: Kai Opaka, I wouldn't worry about Kira's piloting skills. I sent her to Starfleet to take advanced piloting training. Lieutenant Commander Chakotay had nothing but good things to say...

Cha'Pok: Captain, I wanted to speak to you...

Sisko: All I wanted was some peace and quiet. So Advocate Cha'Pok, I'm about to advocate for your butt to get kicked.

Kira: No, Odo. I can't do this. It's too painful.

Odo: I'm so sorry to have brought you here to your own grave.

Kira: No, that was interesting. Did Garak teach you nothing about fashion? That's the worst shirt ever!

Jadzia: Great, now you're rapidly aging. Do I have to?

Kira: Yup.

Jadzia: Fine, from now on, Sisko will call you "Old Man."

Nog had finally worked past his fears about the war, but could not face his greatest fear: tieing a bow-tie.

Sisko: Lets go through this again...

O'Brien: Julian said that his appendix was inflamed. He said he'd have to wait until Doctor Merani got back tonight to operate.

Odo: And then...

O'Brien: And then I dared him to operate on himself.

Sisko: Chief...

O'Brien: In my own defense, he came up with the idea to do the operation in Quarks on his own!
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