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Re: Episode of the Week : The Naked Time

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Part of the problem with "The Naked Now" is that it came far too soon in the series. It smacks of being a copycat and wannabe effort, right done to the title, at a time the series needed to be striving for its own identity. It also struggled with the cast not yet comfortable with their roles. Instead of being intrigued with its approach I found it embarassing.

If "The Naked Now" had been done in 2nd or 3rd season it likely would have come across completely differently.
I absolutely hate 'The Naked Now'. Made me dislike TNG for years. I wish I'd never seen the thing.
The reason was you had the two major girl leads throwing themselves at the two major boy leads and being turned away. I just absolutely hate that. Early in TNG you had the girls there seemingly just to be on love with the boys like Chapel was with Spock in TOS (well maybe not as bad as that).

Maybe it would have been better later in the series. Maybe if it was not both Troi and Beverley.
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