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^ Two (that I know of) The one in the warp core, and Wesley had a separate test chamber in one episode.

In the second pilot, how many people wore the command colored shirt? Hint, there are two different "yellow" shirts, I referring to the color Kirk was wearing.

I count 9 total. Some of them are just barely on camera for a moment.

Before the credits:

3.Crewman briefly visible walking by in viewscreen when Kirk is talking to the bridge
4.Crewman just barely seen at right behind 3d chess set
5. Female crewman walking opposite to Kirk in passageway

After credits
6.Crewman to right of crewman in science blue is already on camera and disappears around corner pretty quickly
7. In same shot, a crewman appears at the camera end of the corridor and starts walking; we don't see him go around that corner at the other end
8. At the turbolift, just before Gary Mitchell runs into it, a crewman in this yellow passes
9. Yeoman Smith on bridge

Yeah, and I just knew all that off the top of my head, that's right, yeah....


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