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Science Fiction or Fantasy?

Which do you prefer and for what reasons?

I grew up being a SciFi fan. As a kid I watched Star Wars and Star Trek (not the original runs, I'm far too young for that ) and as a teenager I even read some of the SW novels (Timothy Zahn is the only author I still remember). There really wasn't any quality fantasy on TV and I just didn't have any exposure to fantasy literature.
I know my parents hated Narnia because of its theocratic fascist ideology.

Anyway, along came the Lord of the Rings (the book, not the movie at first) and I slowly started getting into fantasy. I've read numerous fantasy series since then... and virtually no science fiction at all (eh, I guess Otherland is SciFi actually).

I was so tired of the technology in scifi and preferred the (equally silly) fantasy settings. These days the opposite is true. Fantasy literature can be very repetitive and obviously there's only a few gems in a sea full of rubbish novels.

Again: Which of the two do you prefer? Have you changed your opinion over time like I have (repeatedly)?
Can you suggest any smart scifi that isn't focused on technology? I really love Sergei Lukyanenko's scifi work (also enjoyed his fantasy-themed Nightwatch novels, though).
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