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Re: DS9 Caption Context 87: Station of Looooooove

TFTMLA and the new contest, Smellincoffee!

Nog: When I said I could use a boost I meant to my self-esteem! Geez!

Garak: Note to self: Hide the Gornography.

Dax: What's your sign, babe?
Lenara: Slow Children Ahead.
Dax: That's cruel!

Odo: So you see I don't excrete, which is why washing hands after using the toilet is never an issue for me.
Babe: That's disgusting.
Odo: Come back! <Music stops> I can use toilets!

<Handle snaps off>
O'Brien: We'll get the next car.

Bareil: Wanna play Dabo girl can't pay the rent?
Intendent: Ok but this time we can't both be the Dabo girl.

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