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Re: If they had any bells...

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Whenever you really want to show how bad a baddie can be to everyone, have Earth be in danger, if not under direct attack.
Strange why TWOK worked.
Don't think that Earth wasn't in danger. Khan had himself a weapon of mass destruction that could destroy an entire planet. No world in the Federation was safe, not even Earth.
The Stig wrote:
Orci and Kurtzman wanted Khan from the very beginning...
According to an interview at re-posted at our own TrekToday, they didn't, but producer Damon Lindelof did.

From TrekToday:
[Damon Lindelof] argued for Khan from the beginning and I argued against it, said Orci.

Orci and Kurtzman compromised with Lindelof; they initially wrote the story without Khan and then found a way to insert him in later.
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