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Re: LEGO Movie - 2014

I saw it last weekend.

The movie was awesome, they get it just right how adults take things meant for kids to have fun and co-opt them into something sterile and boring. I love that whole symbolic thread of 'President business' trying to force everybody to follow the instructions and 'STOP MESSING WITH MY STUFF!' It didn't resonate in that way quite as well as Wreck It Ralph or Toy Story. That live action part was really clever, and I think without it, it would be too close to Toy Story. The movie would have worked with or without it.

It's not anti-business at all. It does criticize the way lego sets are being marketed now, focusing on following explicit instructions over one's own imagination. But that's not saying business is bad, it's criticizing specific business decisions.

The theater being filled with kids didn't bother me, that was my own fault for seeing it at noon. But I wish they would have kept the ads and previews as adult-accessible as the feature. Had to suffer through inane zero-attention-span Nickelodeon cartoons for the first 15-20 minutes. Seriously, I know it's for kids, and the times I've seen the shows I loved as a kid as an adult I know they've been stupid, but nowhere near THAT stupid. Do cartoon writers just assume their entire audience has ADD now?
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