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Re: How could they do theRomulanWar and make it different than theDomi

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Either ignore the 'Balance of terror's ~'we never saw romulans' one-liner
Or take the line into account and build the storyline accordingly.
A laudable goal.
So far, everyone failed in dientangling this Gordian knot.

For example, your latest attempt:
The 'remans were used as ground forces' hand-waving doesn't work, either - a DNA test on a dead soldier will easily reveal he's, essentially, a race of vulcans.
Since when are Remans the same species as Vulcans and Romulans? Just because they have pointed ears and mental abilities? That would make the Ocampa Vulcans too.

Remans are a completely different species.
The remans are expressly established as a vulcan race in 'Vulcan's soul' trilogy. Since trek lit is not canon - point taken.

Let's go to the 'Balance of terror' lines you're trying to work with:
"this conflict was fought,[...] By our standards today, with primitive atomic weapons and in primitive space vessels[...] Which allowed no quarter, no captives. Nor was there even ship-to-ship visual communication. Therefore, no human, Romulan, or ally has ever seen the other."

'no ship to ship visual communication'?
Some semantic trickery may help with this - as it helped with Scotty's 'simple impulse'.
So, Spock's vulcan brain was sloppy and he meant to say 'Nor was there even ship-to-ship visual communication used' as opposed to 'primitive space vessels where there wasn't even ship-to-ship visual communication'.

'no human, Romulan, or ally has ever seen the other'?
ally=reman. None seen during the war.

Hardly 'this would work'. It involves actually assuming no one of the thousands of the soldiers/civilians who saw living or dead romulans/remans or performed a DNA test on them decided to speak
That thought line would require that those thousands saw a Romulan in the first place. Instead of a few dozen or a hundred people, military personnel routinely keep high level secrets for the entirety of their lives.

Recovered Romulan bodies (especially after a space battle) could easily be mangled beyond immediate identification. And a captured prisoner wouldn't interact with the majority of the crew, just a few officer and the guards.
A conflict involving billions, with forces/ground battles large enough to affect interstellar empires? That translates into, at the very least, thousands of civilian/military seeing said ground forces.

What are the chances that all romulans/remans recovered during space/gound battles had bodies mangled beyond recognition? Again, highly convoluted. I trust I don't need to further explain why.
Plus, there're DNA tests, reconstructive forensics, etc.

And despite your poor opinion of the military mind, some years after they're no longer of actuality, military secrets emerge just fine.
Yes, military training has as one of its purposes to put a leash inside the recruit's head; but, with some exceptions, this doesn't turn the soldier into an automaton.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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