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Re: Light Armoured Multi-Purpose Shuttlecraft (Fighter) Tech Manual

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I quickly read this and it seems a well-researched "what if" article. Just one quick thought - is it really sitting room only? That could make for some uncomfortable multi-day journeys/missions!
Think more F-16 Falcon, less Dassault Falcon(an executive jet). But i think multi-day journeys even in a Class 6 Shuttle would be painful - i'd rather be in stasis!

Albertese wrote: View Post
Well, I just scrolled through it real quick without actually reading any of it. But the art-work isn't terrible... except for the one-legged stick man. I kinda hate him. I want the "scale figure" to have a more substantial silhouette.

If you know of an "open-source" starfleet personnel sillouette, i'd love to use it instead of Lt. Schtick!
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