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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Just did SarahJane's First Serial with Pertwee, Time Warrior. I never noticed it before, with either early Donna, or with Time Warrior and SarahJane, but, damn, SarahJane's first scene with Irongron, totally reminds me of Donna's most agressive and naive performances

Side note for anyone who might know. In Six's story Timelash, they rip down a part of a wall, and show the Doctor who was there previously (And apparently influenced the current society there). Was there ever an expanded Universe (Comics, Audio, Book, Podcast) story of Pertwee's Doctor visiting Timelash Planet?
Don't think so, but a book doea mention tha Yates went along on that trip. And Jo mentions visiting Karfel in Sja Death of the Doctor.
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