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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

I'm seeing a bit of a theme in the first four stories of Season 14. There seems to be a thread of decaying civilizations. Mandragora with the pre-Renaissance Middle Ages, Hand of Fear with the loss of Kastria to its mad king, The Deadly Assassin with the Time Lords and The Face of Evil with its society fraying under a mad computer.

The Deadly Assassin was probably more interesting when it first aired and its peek into Galifrey and the Time Lords. The story itself is surprisingly primal at times as the Doctor fights the Master in the Matrix. Eat your heart out, Keanu. The Master mask is pretty damn creepy, if it wasn't so static, it would've been a home run. There's some really trippy going ons in this one and despite Gallifrey it's one of the least "Who" feeling stories.

After The Hand of Fear, we get the similarly named The Face of Evil. Apparently this one had a working title of The Day God Went Mad, which was probably too awesome to live. I thought the story of the computer that went mad after the Doctor accidentally left his personality imprinted on it sounds like something you might see in a nuWho episode. The society worshipping a computer had echoes of a lot of classic Trek episodes as well. You know if the Doctor hadn't corrected this Jim Kirk would've at some point.

Luckily Leela was introduced so The Doctor didn't have to keep talking to himself for exposition as we saw in the beginning. (Though I kind of liked the Star Wars-esque crawl in The Deadly Assassin). Probably goes without saying but she's pretty easy on the eyes but I like that she's tough and capable as well. Jim Kirk probably would've made his mark here as well.

I wonder if Capaldi will play a Doctor who'd toss a Horda at a guy giving him sass.
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