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Re: F1 2014 Championship Thread

Well the 2nd pre-season test is almost over. And whilst it is still to early to say things are looking good for the Merc and Ferrari powered teams, not quite so good for the Renault power teams.

But the crucial thing is that the Engine specification deadline is looming in seven days they have to be sumbitted to the FIA. After which they can only be changed for safety, cost-cutting or reliabilty issues.

And it seems as if Bernie want's to go ahead with his crazy plan for the last three races to be double points. I like many fans and others within the sport don't like the idea. But if they must go ahead with it why not go with a Joker system, where by each team can select the race at which they can score double points. But they have to nominate it before quali begins.

So Red Bull might go for Austria
Mercedes Germany
McLaren Britain
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