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Re: How could they do theRomulanWar and make it different than theDomi

Edit XYZ-

I don't appreciate your tone.

I also note that in your haste to make your rather inflammatory post, you neglected to notice that my last post detailed how the Federation could be entirely unaware of the use of cloaking technology during the war, as well as being under the impression during that same war that the Romulans tech was "primitive". There's nothing "convoluted" about using smart tactics during a war, neither is there anything "convoluted" about using "paper walls" to give the enemy a different impression about the enemy than is truth.

At the time of the first war, the Romulans knew that an outright, ship vs. ship firefight style war would leave them at a tactical disadvantage. They couldn't outgun or outrun the humans, but they knew that they had both the elements of surprise and the singular cloaking technology that the humans didn't.

It is completely reasonable to assume that, when faced with that prospect, that the Romulans would do everything possible to use the cloak to their advantage while at the SAME time trying to ensure that the humans never caught on. It's not "convoluted"- it's a smart strategy that ensures that your enemy never figures out how to corner you. They think that you've got "small, primitive ships" that somehow are quickly warping into a region and launching assaults. The use of automated strike vessels also ensures that, during the war, the humans never see a Romulan (which is explicitly stated during Balance of Terror).

Such tactics would undoubtedly be very costly and time intensive- chances are, realistically, even using tactics that one would think to be flawless, eventually the war funds would run out. The humans outlasted them until victory at Cheron.

I expect more from this forum than what you posted.

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