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Lastly, it occurs to me that we also see the U.S.S. Intrepid.
and with an NCC-registry of "1631".

In my NCC thread an interesting piece of detail turned up (post # 125) according to which the registry of the Intrepid was originally to become "1707" in ST IV.

Which makes the TOS-R scene in "Court Martial" rather interesting. Does the "1631" really belong to this Intrepid (it's not on the starship status chart because it reads "1831") or another starship, instead?


...sources differ on the explanation, ranging from the difference in script drafts and references to the compliment of the crew (all Vulcan) to extrapolating the class of the ship by references to the number of crew members (430)...even the registry number varies by source..."1631", "1831", "1708", "631"...
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