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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I haven't bought any of the multi ship packs. And the latest one is the biggest joke ever.

Seriously: 10.000 Zen! Who in their right mind pays that amount of real money (around 100 bucks) for 9 ships out of which he probably only uses 3 at the most (one of each faction).
So are the special set powers worth that much? No!

I have accumulated up to 2000 stipend Zen during my 2 month hiatus and have nothing else to use it for, so I will buy a Vesta next month with the next stipend.

That one at least has been proven to be a well rounded ship and has (soft) canon origins, so an actual halfway good design.

Unfortunately every Federation ship that ever came out of the Cryptic Originals design workshop has been butt ugly.

The Odyssey and the Chimera are the exceptions, but those are actually based on bought designs from fans (though I have some issues with both of them, so they are not perfect)

For some reason their current ship designer is reaaaally good at replicating existing designs with great accuracy (wish he would redo the classics from launch), but completely fails at original Federation design work.

Next ship might be the Constellation class, the saucer has already been leaked and been usable by some players on their Stargazer ships and actually looks great again.

So, still waiting for a Cryptic Original that I would be ok with seeing in an actual canon Trek production.

These new Dyson ships are not it.

Edit: Sorry for the rant. XD
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