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Re: If they had any bells...

^ I can appreciate the dramatic shorthand of it, but it does lead to a... what would be the word? It lacks imagination. It's largely the main reason why Nemesis gets panned for Shinzon's sudden change of motivation halfway through, because although "Hahahaha, I'mma gonna destroy Earth cuz I'm EVUL!!!!!" is an easy way to 'involve' the audience in the drama, it also lacks consistent logic within the script.

My broader issue with Earth seeming to be a consistent home base in the Star Trek movies (old and new) derives more from it being a sorta kinda destruction of the original Star Trek format, because the original bible accentuated deep space isolation from Earth as being a key element of what Star Trek *is*. By all means they should feature humans, colonial bases, starbases on the fringes of Federation territory, etc. Place them under threat. But Earth itself became a bit of an easy crutch in the original movies, TOS and TNG ones alike, and I'd really like to see nuTrek wean itself away from Earth-as-dramatic-device.
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