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... I prefer Picard with Vash. Vash's brazenness complements Picard's more sedate personality perfectly creating a very compelling dynamic to their relationship. That kind of dynamic just isn't present between Picard and Crusher.
...AGREED!!! Yes, Vash was the equation that worked. Picard without her was like Cornflakes without the Milk! And you know, I'm really glad that he met her. We always heard about what a wild man he was in his heyday. And whilst I would've expected him to have slowed down, somewhat, by the time he met her, I don't believe he would've had a personality overhaul. Vash saw right through Picard's veneer of duty, honor and obligation and recognized the cocky bastard he really is ... deep down ... underneath ... you know?
I don't want to get into a ship war, because ultimately it just comes down to what works for you as a viewer personally and there's no one right answer on that.

I will say though that I firmly disagree with the idea that Picard's commitment to duty, honour, and obligation is a veneer. A 'cocky' Picard (who can handwave theft, vandalism, and the destruction of most of what archaeological science holds dear for profit from a longterm partner?) is not a Picard that I'd even recognise, tbh.
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