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Re: Going to Eden ... Yea brother

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And these hippies, as I've said before, aren't the real deal, and would have been scorned by an actual hippy from the 1960's if they ever traveled forward in time to the 23rd-24th centuries and saw how good it was to live on Earth then.
Hm, the sad thing about the script is that it goes for the "all those stinkin' hippies..." viewpoint, with Spock being one of the only regular characters to truly conceed that their lifestyle is a valid one. (Btw, I do love that it's Spock who jams with them, a man truly understanding 'counter culture', or at least appreciating it to some degree). The likes of Captain Kirk and Mister Scott come across very pooly, both being painted as overly authoritarian, and bizarrely lacking in understanding (even if Kirk himself conceeds he "used to get in trouble" when he was the hippies' own age). This is all largely because the script represents them as being "the man". But again, the script goes on to prove "the man" right, because the so-called Hippies are portrayed as just being naive and are ultimately led to their deaths by a mad-man with belief systems that are displayed to be irrational, at least in terms of the script.

To be honest the whole script has got this tonal problem I mention, unable to decide whether it wants to celebrate counter-culture ("infitinite diversity" and all that), or whether it wants to decry it as a threat to rational society. I think the former position is more in keeping with the Star Trek 'message', but the script ultimately ends with a bad taste in the mouth, because it reaffirms the latter position that these "dirty stinkin' hippies" need to "get a haircut and a real job". Which I think is unfortunate.
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