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Re: Star Trek ~ Project: Potemkin "Duty Bound" S02-A

Thanks for the feedback, NoName!

The footage is indeed 480, but as visually demonstrated in our thread about THE NIGHT THE STARS FELL FROM THE SKY, YouTube still compresses the footage (and audio) even though they say they don't. You will get better quality watching the 720 version even though it's not true 720. You'll get even better quality watching the VIMEO version which is not nearly as compressed.

In regards to the situation involving the death of the Navigator, originally it was to be the Environmental officer asking the Security officer for help, the reasoning was that they were the two most-expendable present. Unfortunately, two cast members failed to show at the shoot.

Rather than delay the "filming," we went with what we had. Our Tactical officer is actually a Science officer who is out of her element (and the actress had to learn a different set of lines). The Science station was occupied by my wife, who helps out as an extra in addition to production host. Her lines were distributed to other cast members. And the Environmental officer's lines were given to the Engineering officer. I will admit that this may have hurt this episode, but it's a reasonable work-around. This was the only available weekend for most of the cast, and I think we made the best of it.

As far as mic levels, we did not have a separate monitor for the audio. The camera operator is responsible for the audio as well as the video. Our new equipment allows a sound technician to monitor the levels on the TASCAM from the two mics, but the productions with this capability are several months away from being released.

Lastly, glad you liked the panel animations. John Northam did a wonderful job with them!
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