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Re: Star Trek ~ Project: Potemkin "Duty Bound" S02-A

1) It appears the footage itself is at 480p resolution at best (with some of the graphics displays even lower); so suggesting people watch it at 720p (HD resolution) doesn't improve the video quality.

Overall a compotent job, but a couple of things from a writing perspective that (IMO) doesn't make a lot of sense:

- Either the Captain is incompetent, or he has a VERY insubordinate crewmember as, after the Helmsman is killed, either he shouldn't be ordering his tactical/weapons officer to take the Helm. And the crewman shouldn't be effectively telling the Captain off with zero repercussions.

- And while the death of the Helmsman is tragic; we have one bridge officer asking for help to move the body IN THE HEAT OF BATTLE where the hero ship itself is taking major damage?
I doubt you'd see this type of behavior on the 1701 DURING a pitched space battle; and like I said to me it comes across as the Captain being shown as incompetent/the crew as unprofessional.

As to the technical side, as has been mentioned, it appears mike levels weren't being consistently monitored during filming. The post production integration of the control displays and such was decently done.
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