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Sometimes I think I am the only Trek fan than couldn't stand Vash. Her jacked up teeth just bugged me.

I agree. I never liked Vash and thought she was a terrible choice for Picard's girlfriend.
I like Jennifer Hetrick, and I think she makes Vash charming beyond the occasionally terrible material she's given to work with in QPid. To me she's a fun match for him during his occasional holiday flirtations with pretending to be an action hero. Had they remembered her for movie!Picard, we might have been spared Anij.

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I go the impression (mainly from the episode Attached) that Picard was always trying to hold himself back out of some sort of respect for his late best friend Jack. He felt guilty for having feelings for Beverly when Jack was alive and even after Jack died Picard felt like he was stabbing his friend in the back if he pursued a relationship with Bev.
This is it exactly, definitely what the writers were going for. Im just disappointed that they didnt pursue this line further. I'd have enjoyed seeing them get more interaction while clearly falling in love.

Beverley could have been tormented by the thought of her ex husband and how her son would react, while Picard could have wrestled with feelings of guilt, of betraying his friend and of a taboo that may effect his friendships and career.
(But then, I also think McFadden and Stewart have fantastic chemistry, and that's clearly in the eye of the beholder.)
I would certainly agree with you. Obviously Stewart's qualities have been written about extensively but McFadden gives a classy, intelligent, independent yet fun personality to Beverley that I think suits Stewart [and Picard] perfectly. I always felt Picard would eventually wake up one morning next to Vash, once the fun and allure had worn off, and think "ugh...what the hell was I thinking".

I do wish Picard/Crusher had been explored more like how I mentioned in my previous post. It could have been a mature [in both senses], deep and interesting relationship. It would have added depth to the TNG cast.
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