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Re: Star Trek: Phase II's "The Holiest Thing" - Delayed

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Not if the rules haven't changed. When CBS handed the rule down it was "anything we've purchased". Gerrold pitched "The Protracted Man" but CBS rejected it because it was "unfilmable" at the time.
That's OK, means you can do what you want. Original stories are great but on the other hand doing 'lost stories' such as Mind-Sifter, Blood and Fire and Kitumba gives the show some authenticity.

Rich Newman (the former head of security) and I both have that books in the works (two seperate books), and the film "Backyard Blockbusters" covers it as well. The first thing that has to be done is to get permission from CBS for publication. (I was able to get permission for Phase II artwork to be published in an art book, so it's not impossible.)
Oh brilliant that things are already in the pipeline! I guess the permission is for the photographs/designs? The eMag you had going on for a while was brilliant and informative. And I've been looking forward to Backyard Blockbusters for a while, fan films really are a strong sub-genre. Which art book is that?
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