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Re: Star Trek ~ Project: Potemkin "Duty Bound" S02-A

Thanks for the feedback, Northstar.

Did you watch it on YouTube or on Vimeo? If the former, try the latter. It's got a much better look and feel to it, and to my ears a better sound.

The helm-nav console was actually the first thing built for the Potemkin sets, and it is fully decorated using appliques. To accomplish the lighted controls, John Northam took a JPG of the CorelDraw file and animated it for each console. The "buttons" however, didn't always line up, so it was tricky getting the 3-D animated applique in the right position so that the buttons lined up with the actors. What would be really sweet was if the consoles were backlit using color transparencies. Thomas Sasser was going to work on this, but he fell ill, and we ended up going with the console animations instead of a physical set. We're still considering getting some animated picture frames with our animated panels and placing them behind the set pieces, but that would require a tremendous amount of donations.

The VFX were of the Orion Sortrex class from the Bridge Commander game. Our VFX guy at the time, William Walker (who did a couple of the VFX shots, in fact) secured permission from the fellow who designed them and wanted to use them instead of the ST-R or TOS Orion ships. Unfortunately, real life issues forced Bill away from the project, and Mark Berge had to pickup the pieces, rebuilding the Sortrex (an Orion frigate) from scratch. I rather liked the look myself.

The question of mass and ship movement will always be an issue to some. I recall other productions that have taken some criticism for that same issue. That being said, we receive an equal number of "the Potemkin moves too slowly" to "the Potemkin moves too quickly" so I'm figuring it's just about right.
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