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Re: Sell me on Kes.

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And I still don't agree with that way of putting it. They wrote the character in an appealing way, but just couldn't seem to figure out good stories for her. The problem was with plot, not characterization.
You can't create good stories unless you've got a character that inspires you to write good stories....she wasn't developed into anyone interesting enough to deserve good stories and that was the problem. No amount of plot can compensate for poorly conceived and poorly developed characters

You might might think that it was simply the case that she lacked good stories but i think most people would disagree with that assessment....before i can invest in her stories, i need to give a damn about who she is....and i simply never did

Christopher wrote: View Post
Although she did have significant relationships with characters other than Neelix -- principally the Doctor. She was the one who first treated the Doctor as a person rather than a program, the one who inspired him to become more than he was. And the Doctor quickly became a fan-favorite character. Kes also had a close relationship with Tuvok as her mentor, a surrogate-daughter thing with Janeway, an unrequited crush from Tom Paris, etc.
But most of those interactions were about Kes facilitating the development of other characters....they weren't really about her development....the doctor is a real boy....Janeway is mummy....Tuvok is a wise Vulcan...Tom is a bad boy who will clash with Neelix but then build a friendship with him etc etc

but who is Kes?....i don't really know....she's that nice girl who...erm....yeah...walks the corridors being nice & stuff

Christopher wrote: View Post
That didn't hurt Tuvok, though hurt Kes (the position of annoying mind bendy character has been filled)
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