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Re: The early seasons :

On my journey through the DS9 series, just finished Season 3 last night, starting 4 today.

I didn't mind the first 3 seasons. As said already though, it did really seem like it was sticking to the TNG format, and imo that just kinda made a bit of it stale. But overal, I've really enjoyed the stories in the first three! I've come to see Klingons in a different light! And I have a new love for Ferangies lol.
I am looking forward to seeing what the following seasons have in store!

*I have seen all the series before, but it's been a long time since I've watched them all besides TNG. This is the second time really watching DS9, but the first Ive been able to watch the whole series through every episode. Will be the same for Voyager.
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