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The problem wasn't the character. The character had enormous potential. The writers just couldn't seem to figure that out
Which is why i said, the writers gave us a character that was a stinker
And I still don't agree with that way of putting it. They wrote the character in an appealing way, but just couldn't seem to figure out good stories for her. The problem was with plot, not characterization.

Seems to me that there were two reasons why the writers failed to develop Kes

1 - She was too closely associated with Neelix (something that i never really've got two, new alien species to introduce into the Trek universe and you make them a couple!) Had they just been friends, then the writers may have been compelled to write for both of them (rather than writing for Neelix and just having Kes stand next to him a lot)
Which is probably why they used "Warlord" as an excuse to break them up -- and why they kept them broken up afterward even though the breakup was Tieran's doing rather than Kes's.

Although she did have significant relationships with characters other than Neelix -- principally the Doctor. She was the one who first treated the Doctor as a person rather than a program, the one who inspired him to become more than he was. And the Doctor quickly became a fan-favorite character. Kes also had a close relationship with Tuvok as her mentor, a surrogate-daughter thing with Janeway, an unrequited crush from Tom Paris, etc.

I did often think it would be interesting to see her interact more with B'Elanna -- that combination was rarely touched on. One of my first pitches to the show was a Kes-B'Elanna focus story. I know Greg Cox had the same idea when he wrote his novel The Black Shore, which pairs those two characters off.

2 - They gave her magic brain powers (this meant they only had an interest in writing for her character when it involved doing some mind bendy type stuff)
That didn't hurt Tuvok, though.
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