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Re: Sell me on Kes.

Christopher wrote: View Post
The problem wasn't the character. The character had enormous potential. The writers just couldn't seem to figure that out
Which is why i said, the writers gave us a character that was a stinker

Seems to me that there were two reasons why the writers failed to develop Kes

1 - She was too closely associated with Neelix (something that i never really've got two, new alien species to introduce into the Trek universe and you make them a couple!) Had they just been friends, then the writers may have been compelled to write for both of them (rather than writing for Neelix and just having Kes stand next to him a lot)

2 - They gave her magic brain powers (this meant they only had an interest in writing for her character when it involved doing some mind bendy type stuff) They crowbar this stuff in for a few episodes (she basically senses stuff & informs the captain)....they needed to look at her character development away from being the girl who can sense stuff....this definitely would've been much easier if she'd been separated from Neelix & free to develop relationships with other crew (especially Seska...wink wink, nudge nudge)

teacake wrote: View Post
Seska was way smarter than Neelix and not bound by Starfleet stodge, Kes might have found her a little breathtaking
I think Seska may have found a Kes exploring her confidence and sexuality equally breathtaking....they develop a friendship....Seska is curious about Ocampan relationships...Kes mentions their sexual physiology...each time Seska sees Kes, she gently strokes her back (the crew are oblivious to any of this) they're in Sandrines & everyone is chatting, playing pool....Seska is delicately caressing her back (it's their exciting little secret)
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