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I think Jennifer Lien is good though (she showed that in Warlord) but if the writers give you a character that's a stinker, there's not much you can do
The problem wasn't the character. The character had enormous potential. The writers just couldn't seem to figure that out. I felt there were obvious opportunities for her character that they were missing, which is why I was so glad to get the chance to write Places of Exile in the Myriad Universes alternate-timelines miniseries and tell the version of Voyager that I always thought they should have made -- including letting Kes fulfill all the potential I saw in her.

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1. Failed at being another ear alien so we got long hair which apparently many people liked.
Well, kinda, but not in the way you probably mean. According to Memory Alpha, "Jennifer Lien was apparently sensitive to the make-up and adhesive used to apply her Ocampa ears. With the longer hairstyle, it was no longer necessary to apply the Ocampa ears each time she was filmed."
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