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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Fleet Mark bonus weekend starts tomorrow after the patch, so good weekend to get on grinding the crap out of them (50% bonus). If commendation reports count as well (not sure), could really cash in a boatload. Worst case, Colony Invasion is the quickest way to get them on the ground, takes <5 minutes and isn't bad. I generally switch through my couple toons in the fleet and run it on each of them whenever I log in.

Need a ton of marks for the Mine, which gets the mark discount, and then need slightly less for the embassy, so good time to get a nice bonus on doing these...
It's also a good time to collect some marks for those reputations you already completed. Get them and hold on to them, and then cash them out during the next Dilithium weekend for the bonus amount.

The battleground is great for marks. I earned over 600 marks during the last Dil weekend and cashed them all out for Dil. Battleground also gives you those Voth components you can cash out for Dil if you don't need them for anything else.
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