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Re: Star Trek: Phase II's "The Holiest Thing" - Delayed

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hmm...well, I don't speak on behalf of the production but I can still add a few tidbits here...

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1. "Origins" aka "Origins: The Protracted Man" aka "The Protracted Man" written and directed by David Gerrold.
It was written by Dave Galanter and David Gerrold.

And just to comment on the "title confusion". "Origins" was the title of the script I wrote back in Sept 2009 when James wanted an "origin story to correct JJ's". (actually the full title was "Origins: Eleven Sucks". When they made the poster and announced the episode, they elected to drop part of the title ) There was a lot I didn't like about that script, and wrote a new one titled "The Wreck of the Athens Queen" in January. (Which is available on I was very happy with it, but when I found out Gerrold was directing I suggested that I take a bow to the TOS alumni and we let him film his long-awaited "The Protracted Man" - which couldn't be filmed back in the 60s because VFX/CGI wasn't sophisticated enough. I was asked to write the first draft, but elected not to because of paid writing work. Dave Galanter wrote it using Gerrold's original story premise. David Gerrold polished it.

So..."Origins" stuck because no one changed the poster and for awhile the fact that we were filming "The Protracted Man" was a production secret. But it was never the name of the episode/script filmed.

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2. "Mind-Sifter" written by Patty Wright and directed by Mark Burchett. Also, although there was general satisfaction with the script, we are contemplating going in a slightly different direction with it--yet still trying to remain faithful to the original short story on which it is based. If much of the episode needs to be re-shot (like with "Origins," we might seize the opportunity to rework the script a bit.
While I am the very first person to admire Greg's art of diplomacy and political correctness, and definitely appreciate the effort here, I am a person who tends to call a spade a spade - and since it involves me here I am free to do so.

"Mind-Sifter" was supposed to be finished in June 2014 - including refilming both David Sherin and James Cawley's parts. (as well as Kim Stinger's) While I believe that it is generally a problem to have the writer on a film set, it was very important to me to be involved in finishing this episode for quite a few reasons. (Shirley was my friend, I am a licensed therapist/social worker and have worked for 30 years in the mental health field, John Carrigan's father was afflicted by the mental health system, and another theme I added after a discussion with Shirley was dear to my heart). This became an impasse for reasons I won't detail. Ultimately, James decided to get another script and start from scratch rather than have me on set for the filming to finish mine. Feel free to blame me for the problem...but I am unwavering as to how important this is to me.

In the end, this is probably for the best - as it's probably easier to film all new than to try to replace people in key scenes that have already been filmed. It has been announced that they will be filming the "new" "Mind-Sifter", written by an unannounced person, from June 20-30 this year.

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished episode. It's a good story.
It's a great pity with the Protracted Man that an entire episode shot is now deemed unusable. Also doesn't that story fall into 'you cannot use an episode written for Paramount' territory? It would be good to have a'canonical' Kirk origin story - seeing him meet Spock, at the Academy and of course taking command of the Enterprise.

I'm glad though that Mind-Sifter is on course for a revival soon.

"Mind-Sifter" is what actually STARTED "New Voyages". James met Shirley at a convention and they had a long chat. Shirley was very enthusiastic at James' idea to "film new TOS episodes" and encouraged him with great gusto to do so. She also handed him a copy of her original "The Mind-Sifter" fan fic....explaining in great depth how upset and angry she was at Bantam Books who "destroyed the story" with their edit, and she asked James to film her story, the way she wrote it, so people got to see it the way she intended. (the short explaination is that she wrote it as a Kirk and Chekov story - intending to show Chekov was basically young Kirk. Bantam removed Chekov entirely from the story)

James promised Shirley that one day he would do so and, in fact, named the series "New Voyages" in her honor. (or so he's said a few times.) As Shirley died long before it was possible to film the story, I was able to contact her family and get permission from them to proceed. (I was a friend and used to hang out in her house every weekend in the "Star Trek room" long before anyone else ever had one) Her grandson was actually planning to be a Starfleet crewman in the episode at one time.

So, it's not really a surprise.
James has said he wants to end the series with the Enterprise coming into drydock and the characters seeing the new (The Motion Picture) uniforms for the first time.

I don't know if you're planning to produce 22 episodes or two seasons worth but if you decide to finish SOMEONE needs to interview James Cawley, yourself and a whole load of others for a BOOK about New Voyages/Phase II as the behind-the-scenes story of the series is so rich, yes there have been a few dramas but nevertheless all the other stuff is so interesting - getting official writers/actors back onboard the Enterprise etc. with behind the scenes photos, unused poster art (there have been a few) the First Voyages idea, etc. If someone would like to give me a few pointers, I'd be happy to help compile it!
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