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Re: Can TOS be appreciated by younger viewers?

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The remastered blurays.

I have seen most of season one which is pretty good.

I think since the other series came along as technology improved and filmmaking as a whole grew some of the things like for example fight scenes are super corny and certain alien costumes.

If I watched it back in the 60s I bet I wouldn't feel this way and would absolutely love it.

I'm still determined to become a huge TOS lover and watch every episode eventually.
Here's a little advice from a relative old-timer--when you watch TOS, concentrate more on the individual actors (including the guests) and how they deliver their lines and take up the screen, rather than concentrating on the SF and plot.

Anvalicious as it is, watch "Let This Be Your Last Battlefield" and concentrate on Frank Gorshin's Commissioner Beal. Watch "I, Mudd" and really watch Roger C. Carmel. Although a slow episode, watch "The Empath" and keep an eye out for the scene where McCoy injects Spock to knock him out. Watch "A Piece of the Action" for the fun and banter between Spock and Kirk. Watch "Amok Time" and really look at the early part of the episode where Spock is asking Kirk to divert to Vulcan and, without any explanation given (at first)Kirk does it for his friend. Then hold on for Spock's "Jim!" at the end.

I think if you watch it for the characters (and don't dismiss the guests as unimportant), you'll find yourself drawn in, and then interest in the stories will follow. You'll find the characters from TOS are generally "bigger" and have more presence than in the newer series, and I think you'll come to like that.
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