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What Trek species would you be, if you could?

If you could be a species from Trek (all of Trek) other than human, which one would you choose, and why? And other than human includes subspecies of humanity.

No god-type/superpowerful beings--ie, no Organians, Metrons, Q, Doud, Nagilam, etc. And Data is a nonesuch--there's no one around to build more Datas or you as Data, so that's out. However, any other machine/android "species" is ok.

You are NOT subject to the conditions of the planet/place of origin of the species, though--you can be from a world , even a world shown us to be backward, but still be out doing your thing in the big, wide, greater galaxy. Maybe a survey vessel/mining ship picked you up. Whatever.

I had this down to two choices: changeling or native of Omega IV (The Omega Glory). I like both for the same reason--they are incredibly long-lived (changelings might even be fully immortal, as long as they can return to the Great Link from time to time). In the end, I chickened out on being too much different from humans, and decided on being an Omegan.

TRACEY: Good. Direct, succinct. Answer. No native to this planet has ever had any trace of any kind of disease. How long would a man live if all disease were erased, Jim? Wu. (Wu enters) Tell Captain Kirk your age.
WU: Age? I have seen forty two years of the red bird. My eldest brother
TRACEY: Their year of the red bird comes once every eleven years, which he's seen forty two times. Multiply it. Wu is four hundred and sixty two years old. His father is well over a thousand. Interested, Jim?

Interested? You can bet your bippy and tricorder I'm interested!

And, as McCoy pointed out ("Leave medicine to medical men, Captain!"), no external ingredient grants them that incredibly long lifespan. It's in their genes, now.

Hell to the YEAH. if I'm born on Omega IV around the time Kirk and co. were there, I could see the 35th century! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Trent old man. Ba'ku? You peeps will be dust while I'm partying on New Risa in the Delta Quadrant.
Welcome to Hell kid. Enjoy the buffet.
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