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In fiction, as in life....nice people are a bit dull. Experienced writers know this so i can only assume they had an arc for Kes that would lead to something interesting
They did. They blew her up.

She lacked sexuality and that's never good for a character either (made worse by her association with Neelix) a bit of sexual tension with.....Seska? maybe? that would have been spicy
BOY DO I EVER AGREE. Just totally lacking in sex appeal, sexuality, sexiness.. unless you fancy wide eyed sweetness and innocence which frankly icks me out when you pair it with sex appeal. Now they could have fixed that, a person can be sweet AND sexy (Ezri comes to mind) but for whatever reason they just didn't seem to know what to do with her.

I like your Seska suggestion NO really, I think that might have played well, I could see Kes trying to help her and finding herself more and more drawn to her. Seska was way smarter than Neelix and not bound by Starfleet stodge, Kes might have found her a little breathtaking..

I think Jennifer Lien is good though (she showed that in Warlord) but if the writers give you a character that's a stinker, there's not much you can do
Yes. Warlord is always a shock because the acting is great, Lien really has fun with it and it's such a shame they couldn't just LEAVE IN some of that character via magic technobabble. That would have been fun and interesting and they could have played with the gender thing too.

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