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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Ok, a question for all, having a hard time here. I've been trying to complete Tower Control but it never seems to complete. I'm playing with loads of people every zone is blue we get the the big T-rex at the end and kill it and then the whole zone resets to red and nothing... WTF?! How does one finish this damn mission, it's driving me crazy!!!! Thanks.
What scout101 said.. you run to the nearest T-Rex, shoot it a handful of times, quickly run to the next T-Rex, shoot it another handful and run to the third T-Rex. This time, you kill the T-Rex and run back to kill the first two T-Rexes if they are still alive.

Everyone does this and it guarantees that you get the full dilithium rewards for the ground battlezone.
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