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Re: Can TOS be appreciated by younger viewers?

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I feel like I missed out on a golden age of growing up on TOS and I know how older fans love and revere the original.

I own all 3 seasons, TAS, and all TOS films.

I have only seen about a third of the episodes and I feel like I have a harder time getting into them as opposed to the newer series.

It comes off as dated, campy, and slower to me.

I wish I didn't feel this way and I know the series had some wonderful science fiction writers.

I want to change how I feel and be able to dive in and enjoy just like all TOS lovers.

Do other younger fans have this same issue with TOS?

Maybe it is a generational thing but I definitely want to change and enjoy the series too. Could be the production values and time it was made in.

I want to be a TOS lover but I struggle and feel like I am forcing myself to watch it as opposed to the modern Trek shows.

Its funny your complaints echo those of my children but referring to the 'newer' series. My teenage boy reckons TNG, DS9 and VOY are old and campy.

Hes probably a bit younger than you.

He's not willing to give any series made before he was born a chance.

My advice (for what its worth) is don't compare TOS to your favourite Trek. Just treat it as a totally different series. Don't compare Spock to Data or Kirk to Picard or the better sets etc.
Treat it like 60s/70s Twilight Zone or Land of the Giants or Time Tunnel or Planet of the Apes, etc.
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