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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

My examples?

I didn't use any examples- I only took your own examples (which you used to demonstrate that the symbiont "totally eliminates the host personality" ) and used those examples to show how, no, the symbiont does not in fact eliminate said host personality.

The concept that Dax shows no self-restraint (or just "goes for it") doesn't seem to be borne out by her behavior during the show. She didn't just leap into bed with Julian despite his puppydogging after her quite frequently during the first season. Neither do we see her engaging in overeating, alcohol or other substance abuse or other such behavior. You provided one handpicked example of reckless behavior on Dax's part, and even that I would venture wasn't "just going for it"- Dax clearly demonstrated abilities and aptitude that prepared her for the mission during that episode.

You're just not presenting a clear argument here- it's difficult to figure out where you stand, because you seem to be shifting quite a bit.
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