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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

You're totally right, Tosk. I remembered Invasive Procedures, but seem to have forgotten the slug appearance in Emissary.

OK, Dax. Has NOTHING to do with Jadzia, Ezri, Curzon, Joran, or any of the other hosts. TOTALLY alien to us (as viewers). The closest thing we have to compare to being joined is growing up with our parents and using the experiences we learn from them to try to live our lives in better ways.

What is this weird alien all about? It clearly likes to have a good time, although someone else's body takes the brunt of the damage. I assume Dax thinks 'Frig it, I've had eight lifetimes, I'll have another at someone else's expense"

To me, this is ****ed up. as a human being, I would never ever ever trust someone that I thought had this view of the world and the other biological beings within it. Yet somehow, we all (some of us have to dig a little deeper than others) have good things to say about at least one the host characters.

Why do we sympathize with the characters that host the Dax symbiont, when it clearly wouldn't sympathize with you unless it's own survival were at stake?
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