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Re: Can TOS be appreciated by younger viewers?

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Believe me I want to enjoy it and I love the TOS films.

I still think I would appreciate it more if I grew up in that time and watched it when it first aired. Not having that perspective I believe hurts my appreciation of it.
You haven't said what age or age group you are. I know quite a few younger people who like TOS and older science fiction films. They are able to accept it on its own terms and what the creators were trying to do with what they had.

Watch the 1933 King Kong. Can you accept it on its own terms in the era when it was made or are you turned off by the obvious stop-motion animation? It can be a matter of perspective.

I myself cannot watch TOS-R's new f/x as they take me right out of the story because I find them so jarring. They are so obviously mediocre contemporary CGI that doesn't gel with the remaining live-action footage. On the other hand I've seen fan made CGI animation that does closely match the TOS aesthetic and it works fine.

A modern automobile is in every way a superior piece of machinery over any older car, but there are some older cars whose beauty transcends their mechanical shortcomings. When you're 22 you think 20-25 year old girls look hot. When you're hovering between 40 and 50 twenty something year old girls can come across very much like kids.

A lot comes down to perspective. And TOS might not be your thing. There are certain relatively recent shows that I know are very well done and deserve their accolades, but for some reason they just don't click for me. The West Wing was such a show. I watched a number of episodes and couldn't find fault with any of them, but I still never could develop an urge to watch it regularly.
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