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Can TOS be appreciated by younger viewers?

I feel like I missed out on a golden age of growing up on TOS and I know how older fans love and revere the original.

I own all 3 seasons, TAS, and all TOS films.

I have only seen about a third of the episodes and I feel like I have a harder time getting into them as opposed to the newer series.

It comes off as dated, campy, and slower to me.

I wish I didn't feel this way and I know the series had some wonderful science fiction writers.

I want to change how I feel and be able to dive in and enjoy just like all TOS lovers.

Do other younger fans have this same issue with TOS?

Maybe it is a generational thing but I definitely want to change and enjoy the series too. Could be the production values and time it was made in.

I want to be a TOS lover but I struggle and feel like I am forcing myself to watch it as opposed to the modern Trek shows.
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