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Re: Lexington: Meet The Lady Part 4

Great installment.

I liked how you juxtapose the Klingons and the Starfleeters attempt to get through the jungle. The Klingons are of course natural-born hunters and much more apt at dealing with the (very) wild life on this strange planet while Wesley and his people have a more difficult time. But you do highlight both sides’ greatest strength. For Wesley’s people that strength is clearly leadership and team work.

Also nice to see that the female officers (who wear the least clothes) rip apart their uniforms. Nice touch

All in all this feels very much like a classic adventure. Great job.

I do have one point I was confused about. Did you skip the part in which Lexington’s first officer discusses their plan of cooperation with the Klingons or did I miss it. I would have thought that it would take some convincing to get the Klingons to help out.
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