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Re: The Most Heinous Star Trek Villain

-Dukat. The brilliant thing about his character was that he was given just enough humanity and awareness to make his crimes all the more wicked. He's a man who's so willingly self deluded and so obsessed with not truly examining his own sins that he actually resents the enslaved and abused people he oversees for not loving him. Someone not able to become good because he can never once question if any of his acts have been evil.

-Female Changeling. The scene that sold me was her discussion with Odo about how they have to break the solid's love of freedom and be "guided" by the Founders. The contemptuous disdain and racism towards our heroes is bad enough, but the entire War arc demonstrates how even the other species in the Dominion mean so little to her; Vorta made with no sense of aesthetics because they weren't deemed necessary, the Jem'Hadar inborn to obey their masters even when they're betrayed to their deaths; the Cardassians eventually turned cannon fodder because they aren't important. Its telling that compared to even an eventual obsessively insane megalomaniac like Dukat, she still seems more cold-hearted.

-Kivas Fajo. The genuinely sociopathic nature of the character, underneath all of his quirks make him one of the subtly darkest villains in the history of TNG. He has no empathy for anyone, only cares about his immediate personal desires, and his somewhat childish nature belies just how damn selfishly evil he is.
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