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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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Nope. She won't. See above.
I'm not saying she'll be in Westeros as season 5 starts, but rather that she'll get there by the end of the season, or perhaps the season ends with her looking upon the shores of Westeros for the first time. At any rate, I think she'll be there by season 6 at the latest. I think they're going to deviate more and more from the books, condensing things and really hitting the accelerator. Of course I could turn out to be wrong.
There's no reason for that to happen. It took him so long to finish Feast and Dance because he had to scrap the 5 year gap and to deal with the Meerenese knot. None of this is the case now.
A lot of people have been telling themselves that, but it's becoming apparent that he just doesn't have the juice left to deliver the final two books in three- or even four-year turnarounds apiece. If Winds is published before 2016 I'll be pleasantly surprised, but I'm not expecting it. That'll be a five-year gap between Dance and Winds. Another five-year gap would mean the publication of Dream in 2021.
If WoW is published in 2015, or early in 2016, the show will not overtake the books with tWoW
Publication in late 2015 or in 2016 would put at least some of Winds on screen before it's published. I think it'll be a pretty big chunk of it, too.
...but we must accept the high probability that it will be finished before aDoS is published. That doesn't mean that D&D will not get to read GRRM's manuscripts before they do the scripts.
The only characters who could get a bit more of their tWoW story in season 5 are Sansa, Bran and maybe Brienne/Jaime, since they seem to be speeding up her storyline, and his will eventually be tied to hers. But Jon and the people at the Wall, Cersei and the King's Landing, Theon, Dany and those around her, Tyrion have a lot of stuff and storylines that make sense as an arc for one season. Maybe Stannis, Tyrion and Dany get a little bit from their early tWoW chapters. I do think they will move at least one of the two big battles that should happen early in tWoW towards the end of season 5. But some of the other things from AFFC/ADWD may get moved around or delayed until season 6.

Also, I wonder when they will start filling out the details about the background - Rhaegar, Lyanna, RR etc. It's been speculated in the fandom that they may use Bran and his greenseeing to cover some of that.
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